Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, as many of you know I clip quite a few coupons for groceries. In fact, if it isn't on sale, I probably wont buy it. So today Nate and i assembled all the groceries on the counter and I will list out what i got and how much it ended up costing. Here goes.
5 granny smith apples
5 gala apples
1 cabbage
2lbs baby bananas
1lb carrots
3 cucumbers
7 brown onions
3 mexican onion bunches
5lbs potatoes
4 grn peppers
7 tomatoes
2lb cherries
1lb strawberries

mcCormick vanilla extract
4 12packs of diet mtn dew
3 Kraft dressing
2 bush's baked beans
wheat thins
parmesan cheese
12 string cheese
24 oz sour cream
3 boxes trix
3 boxes cheerios
2 dove soap
plastic wrap
4 McCormick grill mates
2 kraft marinades
2 pkg angel soft TP
2 coolwhips
2 kraft BBQ sauce
2 glass cleaner
2 colgate toothpaste
1 gallon fruit drink
4 dial hand soap
2 seltzer water
2 wisk HE detergent
2 electrasol dishwashing tabs
1 jet dry
1 pkg tortilla chips
cream cheese
1 cattleman BBQ sauce
1 pkg shredded cheese
hamburger buns

2 pkg hotdoags
6 lbs ham shoulder
10 lbs chicken leg quarters

2 pkgs size 3 huggies supreme diapers
3 pkgs huggies pure and natural diapers
2 pkgs huggies natural sensitive wipes

So, all of this cost me 140.00
Now, if I take out the diapers (which are really expensive than my total is 103.00 . This isn't my best savings but it is pretty good.

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