Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was better when I thought it was just gas!!!

So yesterday was the first time that i felt the baby move. I didn't actually feel it but I saw it. On my lower tummy I saw a little twitch. I put my hand over it and the baby kicked me 3 times. Right now I am laying on the couch and decided to take a look at my belly. I haven't felt the baby move inside at all during the pregnancy but I just did a minute ago for the first time. He kicked so hard that it raised my tummy like a 1/4 of an inch. Wow! How neat. But then he continued and now it is freaking me out. It is funny to think that you actually have this baby growing inside your stomach. It feels like little bubbles or twitches in your lower abdomen and if I thought it was just gas it wouldn't bother me. Since I know that it is a little baby it is a big weird feeling. LOL


melissa said...

How fun! I love when you can start feeling them move around. Just wait a few months when he's placing well aimed blows to your bladder or slamming his little feet into your ribs and then getting them lodged there. Then it's not always so fun. :) Glad things are going well. Do you have any names in mind yet?

Tristen said...

No names for sure yet. We go back and forth everyday with new ones that one of us loves and the other one hates. LOL. I am kinda scared about when this guy gets bigger and really starts moving. It is amazing that your tummy can stretch so much:( How's Jake doing with is arm?