Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bed Rest

I was always afraid of being on bed rest because I thought all I would do all day would be to eat. I tell you what though, this nausea thing is really working to prevent me from eating. When I finally think of something that sounds good, I eat it and then get super nauseated. I basically cannot eat anything that I have eaten during this nauseous period more than once. So for a quick list I can no longer eat:
salad with dressing
rainbow sherbert
cream of wheat
cran-raspberry juice
garlic bread

So, what can I eat? The only thing that sits well with me is Rice Krispies. I hope I spelled that right. Well, I should go to bed. Good Night


Amy said...

Oh man! That's chicken noodle soup, huh? The homemade variety that randomly shows up at your door on a tuesday evening?

Tristen said...

Well it includes the chicken noodle ( which was awesome at the time:) (Thanks so much for making it for me) and beef barley and oriental shitake mushroom and oodles of noodles. LOL