Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here I am after my appointment today

So I had an appointment today to follow up with my subchorionic bleed that we found last week. Last week the bleed was 2.5 cm and today it was 1.5cm so it seems to be resolving itself. I am supposed to be on very limited activity and not doing too much but I can be up more than I have been this last week. I am still off of work at least until 3 weeks from today which is when I see the doctor again. My mother in law goes home tomorrow and my mom is coming into town. I am really excited to see my mom!!! My mother in law was such a help. She cooked and cleaned and even ironed Nate's clothes. We are really grateful to her for taking care of us. So, when we were leaving the doctor's office today we were making the next appointment. Well because I have been very nauseous i had eaten rice krispies for breakfast and a few mini rice cakes and 1/2 an apple for lunch. Well this was about 3:30pm that we were leaving the office. I started getting really nauseous (I was actually afraid that I was going to throw up on the girl making the appt because she was right in front of me at the desk). LOL It is funny now but not at the time. Nate said that I got really pale and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was sweating and my heart was pounding. Dr. Rahaman came to where I was sitting and got me some gatorade from their employee fridge. I felt so bad!!! They are so amazingly nice there. He told me to go get a big mac at McDonalds. Yuck, I passed on that one but after I had the gatorade I felt much better. I have lost about 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks so hopefully this nausea doesn't last too much longer. I was always afraid of gaining weight when I was pregnant, not losing it!!!

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