Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TLC A Baby Story

Ok, I have decided that this show is not a good thing to watch when you are pregnant. Although I see this stuff everyday in real life these stories are just so moving. I am here on the couch on bed rest nauseous as ever just sobbing away about this show. I should probably be watching one of those crazy talk shows. :) I am feeling pretty good today, a little bit of cramping which I am hoping is normal. My mother-in-law should be here around 3pm so that will take some stress off of me. I won't have to get up to tend to the dog or get meals etc which is nice because every time I move I swear I can feel my uterus. It is probably all in my head now that I am thinking about it so much :)

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JessPeck said...

I bet that will be so nice to have Auntie M there. Nothing is ever boring with her around!