Friday, March 13, 2009

Nate is home!!!

Nate came home last night. He got in around 9:30 pm. I am so glad to finally have him home after a long week. He is laying with me on the couch right now sound asleep. He was supposed to go get me and his mother some frozen yogurt ( Yum that sounds good) but he is out cold. Bummer!!!! Bed rest is going as well as possible I suppose. I find that I am quite tired during the day which I find amazing because I am not doing anything. When I go up the stairs at night to go to bed I am winded. It is amazing how fast you loose your conditioning. When I get up I feel so weak and lightheaded. I am not sure if it is from the pregnancy or what. I know that I am definitely not dehydrated because I have been drinking a ton. It is definitely a new experience for me. It is the worst when Nate is home from work and outside or in another room because I just have to lay here and can't follow him. Usually I am like his little shadow. Lucky him. Well if anyone has good suggestions on how to keep occupied on bed rest please let me know. I have already been knitting and cross stitching and today I colored and did origami. Please let me know if you have read any good books lately. thanks!!!


melissa said...

Try any book written by Brandon Sanderson. He's LDS and a brilliant new (relatively) author. I'd start with the book "Elantris". After that, if you like it, start the first "Mistborn" book. (There are three of those.) He also has a great YA series called "Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians".

tiare said...

Al Capone Does My Shirts, The Hunger Games, The Book Thief, The History of Love, These is My Words, and of course the classics, To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice....
so sorry you are sick. that's the pits! have you tried crackers? i hear those always settle well -- especially saltines.