Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh the joys of pregnancy

Ok, so I am 8 weeks pregnant today. 2 weeks ago the baby measured 2.62mm and now the baby measures 15.71mm. Wow that is quite a change in 2 weeks. According to the ultrasound and my wonderful doctor (who sees me every 2 weeks and always does an ultrasound for me) the baby looks fantastic. He did however see a sac to the right of the baby and gestational sac. This is called a subchorionic bleed. What it means is that the placenta pulls away from the edge of the uterus causing a bleed. It is about the size of an inch which my doctor said that he was surprised by. He thought the amount was pretty large. He told me "I am taking you off of work." I giggled and said "Whatever." He looked at me and I said "Seriously? I know I should probably be upset right now but I'm not." It is funny because before the appointment I had been wondering what I could say to him to make him put me on bed rest so I could get out of work. I haven't been to work for 2 weeks now. One week they put me on call because they knew I wasn't feeling well and the second my Dr sent a note because I had a temp of 102.2 and the flu. I was actually scheduled to work tomorrow and Thursday and wasn't looking forward to it now that I have morning sickness all day long. Anyways, the Dr said that it should resolve on its own but he doesn't want to take any chances at this point. I see him next Tuesday and then we will see if the bleed is gone or what the report is.
Now as many of you know Nate travels quite a bit. In fact, he is in Kentucky today and will be in Missouri tomorrow and Thursday. Well if I am on bedrest, who is going to take care of me? My mother-in-law so graciously (OK, she practically jumped all over the offer) accepted to come to Phoenix and help me out. How nice is that? It will make it easier on me and I think it will take a bit of stress off of Nate too which is good.

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melissa said...

Scary. Sorry to hear about that. I had a friend who had a simliar complication early in her second pregnancy and it resolved itself just fine. Hope all goes well for you.

And, WHAT?! Marie is in town?! How long is she here for? We'll have to get together. (But my kids and I are all sick with a nasty cold this week, so not right now. We don't want to pass this on to you.)